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Do I Fear Failure or Success?

Published 2 months ago • 3 min read

Cura'd™ Life Chronicles from the journey of Angela Tezeno

First, Just Need 2 Minutes to Say…

Filming Today's Podcast Was Therapy for Me

I knew I had to film today's podcast because so much of what I choose to film reflects the days of my life as an entrepreneur. I think that's how I named the podcast PB&J--Purpose, Balance, and Jesus because I really just need all three to accomplish life. But today's episode was a little different.

One of the scenes of the podcast today made me realize that even as I was sharing, I was really overcoming one of my obstacles in that very moment and I new it was happening because I felt it in my heart and expressed it in tears. Not a boooo hoooo ugly cry, but a small moment of gratitude because I new it victory had come. I'll explain it all in my Cura'd™ Life story.

Let's Dive Into the Story!

Cura'd™ Life Chronicle #6

My entire life has led to this very moment. My moment...the moment where I decide how to walk into my destiny. You see, I am preparing my outlook for 2024 because there is more in store in 2024 and the outlook on my life, my point of view, my perspective of who I am as a woman of God, as an entrepreneur plays significantly into my actions in 2024--the very actions that lead to or detour me from the MORE I know is in store for me. And so my thought process is this:

Do I fear failure or do I fear success?

The answer ultimately rocked me to my very core since I know I don't fear failure for reasons I explain in the video below. It's the fear of success that I needed to overcome. My fear of success derived from 3 specific questions that I kept rehearsing in my head:

  1. Am I an imposter just striving for success?
  2. What more can I accomplish once I succeed?
  3. What mystery version of Angela will be birthed from the success?

Ultimately, the therapy I gained from just filming this episode led me to a major breakthrough! A breakthrough that led me to the truth that fear of failure for me is fear that I can't achieve something, which is a challenge that I experienced in my early adult life. but the and fear of success is fear that I will achieve is the challenge in my post accomplished life (I share in more detail content in the video) The experience is teaching me, we should never let fear of failure nor fear of success stand in our way--because ultimately fear... either way can never an acceptable excuse to give up on our destiny.

The Central Message

Take the time in your journey to decide once and for all to do the thing you're most afraid to do. Then once you decide what BIG goal you want most in this season of your life, ask yourself, "What could get in my way of accomplishing this goal...fear of failure or fear of success?" Then once you realize that neither will be an issue for you. Accomplish your goal as it will be the stepping stone for the adventure of your dreams..Success in Life AND Business.

Watch the Episode

Link to Video

Your Way Forward👉🏾

How does your life color the central message of this week's Cura'd™ Life Chronicle? Do you think the central message applies to life AND business? Where in your life can you apply the central message? Let’s keep a close eye on our fear in our lives...both fear of failure and fear of success as WE put this dynamic to the test!

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Cura'd™ Woman SPOTLIGHT

BIG thanks to Stephanie Blamires, our November spotlight and my guest the PB&J Podcast episode,

“How to Embrace Your Power without OverPowering.”

Listen to the episode on your favorite platform:

Quote of the Week

"The fear of failure is fear you cannot accomplish something; the fear of success is the fear that you will."

-Angela Tezeno

So you’re Cura’d™,


Founder, Cura Circle™ | Where women of faith elevate and escalate to a successful online entrepreneur.

P. S. Nite Nite

So because my days are so full of doing "all the things", I usually save all the inspirational stuff to review in the evenings when I reflect and refresh for another big day. If that's you too, it may be late so Nite Nite, Reader.

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